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16 décembre 2008

Synfig & snow

A short animation with Synfig. It's just snow falling on weird looking fir trees, not something really interesting but it was fun to do anyway. Maybe the movement of the snow isn't correct, but well, I don't see snow often enough to remember it. The trees (and even the snow) are made with the Plant layer, hence their weird look :p Une courte animation avec Synfig. Juste de la neige qui tombe sur des sapins bizarres, rien de bien intéressant mais c'était marrant à faire. Le mouvement de la neige n'est peut-être pas correct, mais... [Lire la suite]
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13 décembre 2008

Light pollution / Pollution lumineuse

J'aime bien regarder les étoiles en hiver. Mais année après année ... ... ça devient ... ... de plus en plus ... difficile. :(  :(  :(
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04 décembre 2008

Geek tattoo again (today: Ubuntu)

A Debian tattoo yesterday, an Ubuntu one today (because the guy that make me start the linux distro tattoos serie is ubuntu user). I went for a celtic tattoo style this time, I think it suited the subject. The wide flat areas were made to be filled with celtic knots ;).And guess what: Knotwork in Inkscape is a PITA. I don't blame inkscape, I suppose it'll be the same problem with another software, but still ... ouch.This time I realised it was much easier to add a "Based on the Ubuntu logo" message on the image rather than a... [Lire la suite]
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03 décembre 2008

Debian tattoos ... / Tatouages Debian ...

I don't remember why, but a friend told me I wouldn't be able to do some Linux distro related tattoo designs. So of course I anwsered something like "sure I can!". Yeah, reverse psychology works that well on me /o\. Anyway, this was fun to do.So, for your enjoyment (or not) here's an attempt at a tribal Debian tattoo design. It was the 1st time I attempted shading a tribal tat, it took me 2 hours to shade it (w/ 2B and 5B pencil), but it was much funnier than just vectorising it in black on Inkscape. (But I did the inkscape... [Lire la suite]
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21 novembre 2008

Tribal tattoos

--- Post mostly moved to this blog. --- Several years ago I drew 'tribal tattoo' designs everyday. It was just a way to while away the time. Well, it still is, but I like tribal stuff a little less, so I do less of it. So ... both designs are under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike licence. If someone like them enough to get one inked, I'll be pleased to see a photo, or even just a comment, but of course it's not compulsory. :) Il y a quelques années, je dessinais des motifs de tatouages tribaux tous les jours. C'était... [Lire la suite]
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09 octobre 2008

Sorcière / Witch

Sorcière bouliforme, crayon gris et couleur sous Gimp. (Je n'aurais pas du ajouter cette texture "toile", je crois.) Sphere-shaped witch, pencil and colour with Gimp. (I shouldn't have added that canvas texture, I think.)
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28 septembre 2008

Removing Wilber from the toolbox in GIMP 2.6

GIMP 2.6 was realeased a few days ago. One of the main UI change was the addition of a "empty image window", and the removal of the menu from the toolbox. But ... now instead of the menu, there's an empty space on top of the toolbox, with a Wilber image in it (yes, that's "him"). It's supposed to be a "drop target", a place where you can drag and drop files from your file manager, to open them. Note that the area containing the tools is already a drop target, so many people (including me :p) complained... [Lire la suite]
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25 septembre 2008


Chais pas ce que j'ai avec les arbres en ce moment ... Gribouille digitale, pas super, mais bon, fait entre 1 et 2h du mat quoi ... Dunno why I draw trees lately... Digital doodle, not great, but it was done between 1 and 2am, so... Erf, la compression jpeg est dégueulasse, canalblog ré-enregistre tout à 85%, pfff.
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23 septembre 2008

Cats tree

j'ai encore eu une envie soudaine de dessiner des arbres tordus ... (et avec des radasses de chats, gnihihi :p )Ça doit être parce que c'est l'automne, quoique mon arbre là est plutôt en mode hivernal. (Crayon gris + couleur sous Gimp) Once again I felt the urge to draw twisted trees ...It must be because autumn is here, although my tree is rather in a winter mode. (Pencil + color with Gimp)
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14 septembre 2008

Why does cat food stink so much?

C'est vrai ça, pourquoi ça pue autant, la bouffe pour chat ?Bon voilà, moi aussi je peux faire des pseudos-BD de 4km de long à avec des copier/coller, niark. (Aller, ça fait pas beaucoup plus de 200ko, ça devrait aller).Reste plus qu'à réussir à dessiner correctement ... ^^ Et puis sinon, c'est super efficace comme réveil. Yeah, really, why does cat food stink so much? So, I can do 4km-long comics with copy/paste too! *evil laughter* (it not much more than 200kB, so it should be ok).Now I only have to manage to draw correctly... [Lire la suite]
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