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22 avril 2009

photo index

This is a totally not interresting message, sorry.
I'm just indexing some of my flickr photos, as flickr doesn't index anything beyound 200 images for free accounts (which is a kinda strange limitation, especially since it's still allowed to access the images with their exact URL, and also since even the owner of the images can't access them anymore if he/she didn't saved the URL of the photos somewhere.)
I'm pretty sure this limitation didn't existed when I joined flickr, and I didn't pay attention to it when my 'pro' account expired, Oops :).  . Anyway... thanks to Google cache I managed to get the URL of the lost photos.

Bougie feu dionée rouge gorge - robin rouge gorge 2 - robin 2 coquillage mésange Finch - Pinson Drosera cat in the snow incense smoke balise 1 balise 2 rain over the coast île Milliau île Milliau 2 Ciel nuageux île Molène mimosa jonquille - daffodil pendentif cotcot miel Feuilles primevères primeveres_et_violettes Poteau maisons kastell The gate Beyond the gate milin avel milin avel 2 Corbak sur la plage old road sign Steep Slope pivert 1 - Green Woodpecker 1 pivert 2 - Green Woodpecker 2 Pin ... Grass grass Jaune sur Bleu Côte sea Dead tree chwal Dionée 2 wth ? duo In the sky Torch Dionée 3 Green fractals Old house flowers on the wall cerf volant Nuit Phare du Légué Jay - Geai Nuit Etoilée - Starry Night (1) Nuit Etoilée - Starry Night (2) Feuilles de noyer - Walnut leaves

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