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28 avril 2009

Oiseau biomecha?

C'est le genre de truc qui arrive quand on passe trop de temps à regarder des galeries de tatouages ... on mélange tout et fait n'importe quoi. Pauvre petite hirondelle :)

Biomecha bird? - This is the kind of thing that happens after looking a tattoos galleries for too long ... It ends with a mix of everything, creating a nonsensical image. Poor little swallow :)

biomecha bird

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  • Hi, it looks like a fossil squid to me, but anyway very cool shapes and drawing!

    Posté par Coche, 03 mai 2009 à 23:41
  • Fossil squid... hmm yes, it could be that too ^^
    It was inpired by some "old school birds" images, that often have a rather twisted shape.
    Thank you for the comment

    Posté par Rore, 03 mai 2009 à 23:47

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