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02 juillet 2009


Le pointillisme, c'est bien pour se vider la tête la nuit en attendant que la température descende.
Encore un arbre tortillé, c't'une obsession ma parole !

Pointillism is the perfect thing to empty my head at night, while I'm wainting for the temperature to dip.
A tree once again, darn...


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  • Nide drawing Rore! I like the tree's leaves, it looks like a big flower when they are together. Here in Central America (not just El Salvador), there is a lot of a fruits called "Mango", and people often sell it with a nice decoration that resembles a flower, they cut it very carefully and put a stick in the bottom, just to handle it, like a candy. Your drawing also makes me remember that nice mangos

    Posté par Coche, 03 juillet 2009 à 05:55

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