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03 décembre 2008

Debian tattoos ... / Tatouages Debian ...

I don't remember why, but a friend told me I wouldn't be able to do some Linux distro related tattoo designs. So of course I anwsered something like "sure I can!". Yeah, reverse psychology works that well on me /o\. Anyway, this was fun to do.So, for your enjoyment (or not) here's an attempt at a tribal Debian tattoo design. It was the 1st time I attempted shading a tribal tat, it took me 2 hours to shade it (w/ 2B and 5B pencil), but it was much funnier than just vectorising it in black on Inkscape. (But I did the inkscape... [Lire la suite]
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06 mai 2008

Some fun with the debian logo

Sources on debianart, and under the GPL2 licence once again.
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30 avril 2008

Balançoire / Swing

Détail: Image complète / Full image (Oui, avec une lune Debian, j'aime assez ce logo. / Yes, a Debian moon, but I like this logo) Cette image et sa source sont distribuées sous  licence GPL v2 et supérieure. La source est disponible via cette page (lien "SVG (inkscape format)"). This image and its source are distributed under the GPL license, v2 and higher versions. The source is available at this page (link "SVG (inkscape format)").
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12 janvier 2008

Network configuration icon

Something I did a while ago. That was supposed to be a logo, but that's much too shiny-crystal-web2.0-bling-bling for that, so I suppose that can be called a "shiny icon". If anyone's interested, that's released under the GPLv2 (and above). See the metadata included in the file. Here is the inkscape file (.svgz) [svgz is compressed inkscape SVG, and that can be opened directly in Inkscape] Some text can be inserted on the wrench : There are 3 layers in the file. One has the curve that define the text shape (if you... [Lire la suite]
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