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24 août 2009

Triskels etc.

--- Post moved to this blog. --- Some kind of triskele designs done this weekend. Draft on paper, then vectorisation with Inkscape.Des sortes de motifs de triskels faits ce WE. Brouillon sur papier, puis vectorisation avec Inkscape. And a hand drawn triple triquetra (well, actually, it's one triquetra interlaced with a double one), because it turned out to be almost impossible to do it on Inkscape without the sudden urge to smash one's own head onto the keyboard. Et un triquetra dessiné à la main (en fait, un triquetra... [Lire la suite]
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22 décembre 2008

Encore des fleurs

Et surtout encore une insomnie. Et des couleurs qui donnent mal au crâne. Some flowers again - and an insomnia again. And colors that hurt.
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04 décembre 2008

Geek tattoo again (today: Ubuntu)

A Debian tattoo yesterday, an Ubuntu one today (because the guy that make me start the linux distro tattoos serie is ubuntu user). I went for a celtic tattoo style this time, I think it suited the subject. The wide flat areas were made to be filled with celtic knots ;).And guess what: Knotwork in Inkscape is a PITA. I don't blame inkscape, I suppose it'll be the same problem with another software, but still ... ouch.This time I realised it was much easier to add a "Based on the Ubuntu logo" message on the image rather than a... [Lire la suite]
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21 novembre 2008

Tribal tattoos

--- Post mostly moved to this blog. --- Several years ago I drew 'tribal tattoo' designs everyday. It was just a way to while away the time. Well, it still is, but I like tribal stuff a little less, so I do less of it. So ... both designs are under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike licence. If someone like them enough to get one inked, I'll be pleased to see a photo, or even just a comment, but of course it's not compulsory. :) Il y a quelques années, je dessinais des motifs de tatouages tribaux tous les jours. C'était... [Lire la suite]
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29 juin 2008

tattoo & rant

  --- image moved to this blog. --- A kind of techno-tattoo. Ok, I admit, it's an old one, but I still like it and I never published it before. It's dual licenced under the Art Libre licence and the Creative-Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.0 licence. (Choose the licence you prefer). There's just a small optional addition to this licences : if one day one of you were to decide to get that inked, you are NOT required to get the licence name and the blog link inked too :D. (How generous I am ...) Une espèce de tatouage... [Lire la suite]
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06 mai 2008

Some fun with the debian logo

Sources on debianart, and under the GPL2 licence once again.
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30 avril 2008

Balançoire / Swing

Détail: Image complète / Full image (Oui, avec une lune Debian, j'aime assez ce logo. / Yes, a Debian moon, but I like this logo) Cette image et sa source sont distribuées sous  licence GPL v2 et supérieure. La source est disponible via cette page (lien "SVG (inkscape format)"). This image and its source are distributed under the GPL license, v2 and higher versions. The source is available at this page (link "SVG (inkscape format)").
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12 janvier 2008

Network configuration icon

Something I did a while ago. That was supposed to be a logo, but that's much too shiny-crystal-web2.0-bling-bling for that, so I suppose that can be called a "shiny icon". If anyone's interested, that's released under the GPLv2 (and above). See the metadata included in the file. Here is the inkscape file (.svgz) [svgz is compressed inkscape SVG, and that can be opened directly in Inkscape] Some text can be inserted on the wrench : There are 3 layers in the file. One has the curve that define the text shape (if you... [Lire la suite]
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20 septembre 2007

En attendant ...

Bon, ils sont pas tip-top mes sabliers, mais bon. En tout cas ils sont sous licence GPL (version 2 ou supérieure), si ça intéresse quelqu'un (même si ouais, ça suit pas vraiment les recommandations Tango! en vogue). Some hourglasses, not really great, but heh... Anyway, they're distributed under the GPL licence (version 2 or above), if anyone care. (even if they didn't really follow the Tango! guidelines). Source : sablier.svgz (inkscape svg)
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14 juin 2007

Encore des fleurs

Décidément, à croire que je ne sais faire que ça .... Mais ça m'amuse, donc bon. Basé sur cette méthode / Based on :
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