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28 avril 2009

Oiseau biomecha?

C'est le genre de truc qui arrive quand on passe trop de temps à regarder des galeries de tatouages ... on mélange tout et fait n'importe quoi. Pauvre petite hirondelle :) Biomecha bird? - This is the kind of thing that happens after looking a tattoos galleries for too long ... It ends with a mix of everything, creating a nonsensical image. Poor little swallow :)
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22 avril 2009

photo index

This is a totally not interresting message, sorry.I'm just indexing some of my flickr photos, as flickr doesn't index anything beyound 200 images for free accounts (which is a kinda strange limitation, especially since it's still allowed to access the images with their exact URL, and also since even the owner of the images can't access them anymore if he/she didn't saved the URL of the photos somewhere.)I'm pretty sure this limitation didn't existed when I joined flickr, and I didn't pay attention to it when my 'pro' account expired,... [Lire la suite]
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07 avril 2009

Monsieur Poire / Mr Pear

Monsieur Poire à le vertige / Mr Pear is scared of heights Hop ...
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05 avril 2009


Slowly starting to use Blender again. A simple image of some chocolate pieces.Un retour en douceur à Blender. Une image simple de carrés de chocolat.
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