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29 juin 2008

tattoo & rant


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A kind of techno-tattoo. Ok, I admit, it's an old one, but I still like it and I never published it before. It's dual licenced under the Art Libre licence and the Creative-Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.0 licence. (Choose the licence you prefer). There's just a small optional addition to this licences : if one day one of you were to decide to get that inked, you are NOT required to get the licence name and the blog link inked too :D. (How generous I am ...)

Une espèce de tatouage techno truc. Ok, ça date un peu, mais je l'aime bien, et je crois bien ne l'avoir jamais publié encore. C'est distribué sous double licence Art Libre et Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike. (Choisissez votre licence préférée). Il y a juste une petite modification optionnelle : Si un jour quelqu'un décidait de ce faire tatouer ce truc (j'y crois pas trop mais bon), vous n'êtes PAS obligé d'encrer aussi le nom de la licence et le lien vers le blog (Comment je suis trop gentille ... krr krrr)

Now the rant:

Firefox devs and gecko devs, please stop mucking up my browser! I had the bad idea to update my version of xulrunner just a few days before the release of that firefox3, and of course now my browser (epiphany-gecko so far) suffers from the same behavior problem as firefox. GRRRRRRRRRRR.

Dear devs, YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER AND EVEN IF YOU WERE i'M OVER 18. So please, don't decide for me which https websites I can go to and which https websites I can't.

If I want to look at a website with a bad certificate, I'm ok to receive a little message saying "untrusted certificate", but don't forbid me to go there. And no, I don't want to set a damn exception. I just want a "I don't give a shit about that self-signed certificate, now stop butting in and let me do what I want" button. And I want it for yesterday. Or before.

This is a big regression, and if it affected only Firefox3 I wouldn't care, but it impacts all browsers using gecko :'(

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