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Illustrations & cie par Rore - sous Linux, parce que ça sert aussi à gribouiller.

14 mai 2008



Posté par rore à 22:17 - 2D (Gimp) - Commentaires [2] - Permalien [#]


    nice character

    What a cool character Rore, both the character design and the painting in Gimp it's great. Like I said some time ago, Marin the sailor really looks like you painted him with pencil colors. I really like that look and feel!

    Posté par Robert, 18 mai 2008 à 05:02
  • Thank you Robert The b&w version is "painted" (with a black brush-pen), saddly the paper was too thin to be painted. (Ok, the real reason is that there's no Ctrl-Z with real paint or pencils :] - and, I rather like coloring on computer)

    Posté par Rore, 19 mai 2008 à 21:41

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