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24 mars 2008

Quand j'avais 5 ans .../ When I was 5...

a_5_ansQuand j'avais 5 ans, j'aimais déjà remplir mes dessins de petits motifs. (oui, ça n'est pas un totem, c'est un arbre. Et des chats)

(Retrouvé dans un vieux carton)

When I was 5, I already liked to fill my drawings with lots of little paterns. (yes, that's not a totem but a tree. And some cats).

(I found it in an old cardboard box)

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    very funny

    I like it very much, very funny and creative and when you only were a little girl

    Posté par Robert, 25 mars 2008 à 16:06
  • It seems that at that time, we were taught to draw little symbols to train our hands (letters and writting was taught the year after), and I used those symbols as patterns in my drawings
    And that's also why there's some "4" on the tree, I think that we just learnt to draw that shape.

    Posté par Rore, 25 mars 2008 à 17:33

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