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21 septembre 2007


Lapin-pieuvres à la chasse aux carottes des mers.

Octobunnies hunting sea-carrots

Edit : What's funny about that is that I simply woke up one day, wanting to draw some mix between rabbits and octopus. That just seemed very *logical* (and the name of those beast wasn't really hard to find). That was even so logical that I thought someone *must* have drawn that kind of thing before. Now I just stumbled accross that image and it's funny to see I was right :D Someone did it. And ohhhhhh... even more octobunnies on google-images. There's even plushies! Ahahah. I guess everyone loves bunnies and octopus.
Oh, there's even octokitties and octodogs (though those ones are some edible stuff) \o/

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