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28 avril 2007

Practice II

Pour m'entrainer, le retour. Chemins, dégradés, flou, découpe, etc. Practice, again. Paths, gradients, blur, clipping path, etc.
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26 avril 2007

Inkscape Quick Tip : Rotation / Overlap

A kind of mini inkscape tutorial for those who didn't noticed yet that the center of rotation can be moved :)(To get the rotation arrows, click twice on the object with the selection tool.)Step 4: If you move/rotate an object after duplicating it (ctrl+D), you can "stamp" the object at several places by pressing several times the space bar and moving the object without releasing the mouse button. Actually, I'm just having fun trying to do illustrated tutorial with no words at all. (But for that one I think I still... [Lire la suite]
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05 avril 2007

Pour m'entrainer

Inkscape : Entraînement ... Inkscape: Practice...
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