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10 janvier 2007

Jardin en fleur

Pfffiou, je dessinais des trucs très flower power à un moment O_o. Une veillerie (2003 je crois) que j'aime toujours bien.
Dessin au crayon, colo Gimp.


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  • how?

    i would love to have a gimp tutorial on how to create something like this!

    Posté par Anthony, 18 mars 2007 à 09:36
  • Well, the most difficult part is creating the shapes, and that was done with pen on paper.
    After scanning it I used the magic-wand to select the parts to color, increased selection by one to be sure not to have any white pixels left, and then on another layer set to multiply, I just used the bucket or gradient tool to fill the selection.
    And I repeated that process for each color (that was rather boring)

    Posté par -Rore-, 19 mars 2007 à 13:26
  • Worth the effort

    Wow, but the final result is impressive!

    Posté par Robert, 16 juin 2007 à 08:29

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